Santuario di S. Lucia di Villanova Mondovì

The origin of this Sanctuary is linked to a miraculous legend. One day, Saint Lucia appeared in a vision to a young, deaf mute shepherd girl, who was letting her herd graze around the pillar Saint Lucia, located at the junction of the Elleroand Lurisiavallies. Saint Lucia gave the girl back her speech and hearing, expressing the desire that the pillar be transported to a place more secure from the floods.

That is how the relatives of the helped young shepherd girl decided to place the sacred shrine in the current cavern. It was from that cave that the present Sanctuary took origin. The water that drips from the cave is gathered in an special catch basin and it is the object of devotion by believers.
The Santuario di S. Luciacan be visited during the period of April to October from 9:00 to 18:00. The municipal administration is predisposing recovery plans of the paths that connect the Sanctuario of Santa Luciawith Monte Calvario and with the Grotta dei Dossi.

Ingresso grotta

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Sacchettino e pietra della fede con incisa croce color oro


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