Santuario di Graglia

Pietre della Fede. Negozio

The Santuario di Graglia (Graglia Sanctuary) was built in the seventeenth century, on the wave that saw the great flourishing of the Sacri Monti(Sacred Mountains), like that of Varallo (VC) which rose a century before.
The original project of the parish priest of that time, don Nicola Velotti, was magnificent and provided for one hundred chapels scattered between the village of Graglia and the hill of San Carlo (1028 m. above sea level): actually, in the 17th century few chapels were realized: the first one, that of the Madonna della Neve (Madonna of the Snow) just outside of Graglia (1625), and the highest one on the hill of San Carlo.

In 1659 work was begun for the construction of the Sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna of Loreto, that proceeded at various times with the contribution of important architects (we only mention Bernardo Antonio Vittone, who in 1765 brought it to its current aspect), with a Greek cross layout culminating in the 38 metre high octagonal dome, visible and very recognizable from a distance, from Biella and from the valley.
Around the Sanctuary the hostel for pilgrims was built with other welcome centres, and between the 19th and 20th centuries, receptive and stay centres developed (among which a thermal centre, now transformed into a hotel, which took advantage of the locality's optimal waters).

How to arrive: From Biella follow the main road no. 338 for Occhieppo Inferiore; from there follow the indications for Graglia and the Santuario di Graglia (at 4 Km from the Comune of Graglia)

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