Romanian Orthodox

Pietre della Fede. Negozio

Icona ortodossa

It constitutes the second most important Orthodox Church, after the Russian one.
The Patriarchy of Constantinople only recognized the autocephaly of the Romanian Orthodox church in 1885. Before organized in Metropolis, the Church became a Patriarchy in 1925, with the consequent expansion to the creation of the Great Romania.
The Law of worship, promulgated in 1948 during the Communist regime, introduced a tight state control of the Church, monasteries were transformed into artesian laboratories, and the monks were encouraged to dedicate themselves to non-religious works. At the beginning of the 1990s the church was separated from the State.
The church is divided into fourteen dioceses and Romanian substituted Slavic in the 19th century as the liturgical language.
Basically, the highest authority is represented by the Holy Synod having as its head the Patriarchy of Bucharest.
The Orthodox Church with more than 19 million members, represents 90% of the country’s population. Romania today has: 23 dioceses, 12,633 congregations, 359 monasteries and 154 hermitages, 37 seminaries and 15 theological faculties.

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