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Orthodox Fasting

What it consists of
Fasting consists of excluding wine (and alcohol), oil and animal proteins (meat, fish, eggs, butter, dairy products …) and the consummation of only bread, pasta, rice, olives, vegetables (cooked or raw), fresh or conserved fruit, etc. Crustaceans: mollusks are allowed - as it is said - they are considered neither meat nor fish.

When to fast
In line with the principle, one fasts each Wednesday and Friday of the year; fasting never takes place on Saturday-Sunday.

Ecclesiastical Fasting
It is proportionate to the individual’s spiritual life: there is a difference, actually, between who takes communion often and who rarely; it would be opportune, therefore, to consult your spiritual Father. In general, the evening before, one eats a moderate "Lenten" dinner and then remains in a total fast until the end of the Liturgy.

Principle Fasts
It begins with Great Lent (pure Monday); Great Friday (extended to Great Saturday); September 14 (Feast of the Cross); August 29 (Martyrdom of the Precursor). If these two days fall on Saturday or Sunday, oil and wine may be used.

Fasting of Theophanies
November 15 - December 17: fasting with the allowing (except Wednesday / Friday) of fish, oil and wine
December 18 - 24: fasting with the allowing of oil and wine on Saturday / Sunday
December 25 - January 4: no fasting, not even Wednesday / Friday
January 5: fasting with the allowing of oil and wine on Saturday / Sunday
January 6: no fasting, not even Wednesday / Friday
In this period oil and wine are allowed (even if Wednesday / Friday): in November, the 16th (Saint Matthew), 25th (Saint Catherine), 30th (Saint Andrew); in December, the 4th (Saint Barbara), 5th (Saint Sabba), 6th (Saint Nicola), 9th (Saint Anna), 12th (Saint Spiridione), 15th (Saint Eleutherius ), 17th (Saint Daniel), 20th (Saint Ignatius). November 21st (Entrance of the Mother of God ), fish, oil, and wine are allowed, even if Wednesday / Friday.

Easter Fasting
Week of the Publican and the Pharisee: no fasting, not even Wednesday / Friday
Week of the Dissolution: normal Wednesday / Friday fasting
Sunday of Carnival: from tomorrow, the exclusion of animal proteins; except Wednesday / Friday, eggs and dairy products are allowed
Dairy product' Sunday: from tomorrow, even eggs and dairy products are excluded
Pure Monday: fast. In the other days of Lent, except for Wednesday / Friday, oil and wine are allowed
Palm Sunday: fish, oil and wine are allowed.
Grear Week: fast, with the allowance of oil on Great Thursday.
Easter: no fasting for the entire week
Wednesday before the Ascension: oil and wine allowed.
Pentecost: no fasting for the entire week

Fast of the Apostles
Includes the period between All Saints Sunday and June 28th; except for Wednesday / Friday having the allowance of fish, oil and wine.

Fast of the Ascension
It re-lives the last days of the earthly life of the Mother of God (August 1-14); oil and wine only Saturday / Sunday. During this time, fish, oil and wine are allowed on the 6th (Metamorphosis of the Savior) and the 15th (Ascension of the Mother of God), even if they fall on Wednesday / Friday

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